Welcome to my website. Here you can find examples of my artwork, both commercial and personal, and information about my career to date. I can be contacted directly by email at info@pwhole.com or by phone on +44 (0)114 255 9976.
To view my commercial fractal work for fashion, interiors and product design, and the publishing of my artwork, please visit Heavy Everywhere
NEWS: December 2015: A series of my photos in Cumberland Cavern, Matlock Bath has just been published in a paper on graffiti in caves and mines by John Barnatt, in Cave and Karst Science magazine.

NEWS: April 2015: A condensed article written by me on the 'Pit Props Passage' series of lead mine workings and natural caves in Speedwell Cavern, Castleton has recently been published in Cave and Karst Science magazine, along with several of my photos, a new survey by Wayne Sheldon, and further articles by geologists Trevor Ford, Richard Shaw and Noel Worley.

NEWS: August 2014: I was recently asked by OiPolloi, a clothing store in Manchester to partake in an online interview about my 3D sleeve Designs for Warp Records for their blog - read the interview here.

NEWS: August 2014: The latest design project is a new Richard H Kirk 3CD box-set released on DieStadt/Intone,
The Many Dimensions of Richard H Kirk:

NEWS: July 2014: Also recently released and designed by myself is the new and definitive Cabaret Voltaire compilation on Mute #7885 - Electropunk to Technopop:

NEWS: July 2014: A collaboration between Museums Sheffield and Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust has created a new permanent interactive installation 'Natural Connections' at Weston Park Museum, based on Sheffield's Greno Wood. This resulted in a commission for me to produce the largest landscape photograph I've yet created for the installation background - 4.5 metres X 3 metres at print resolution. The final 180 image was produced with 40 individual stitched photographs:

NEWS: Sept 2013: I'm pleased to announce the release of a huge new Cabaret Voltaire box-set on Mute, titled '#8385 Collected Works 1983-1985', and for which I designed the entire package. The box consists of four classic albums, on both vinyl and CD, a CD of unreleased material, the As and Bs collection, two full-length DVDs and a luxury 40-page 12" booklet with many rare photos and videostills. The booklet also contains an essay by Phil Barnes and sleevenotes by Richard H. Kirk.

Cabaret Voltaire - '#8385 Collected Works'

This follows the recent release (August 2013) of another Cabaret Voltaire 3CD box-set 'Archive #828285 Live', released on Intone Recordings and also designed by myself, featuring 3 entire live shows made between 1982 and 1985. Includes a 20-page booklet and sleevenotes by Richard H. Kirk.

Cabaret Voltaire - 'Archive #828285 Live'

NEWS: A new limited-edition book by Dr. Jim Rieuwerts on Derbyshire lead-mining history: Adventurers in the Lead Trade has just been released, and for which I designed the cover and produced extensive underground photography. The book has received a commendation in the 2013 Tratman Award, by Wild Places Publishing, for excellence in underground publishing.

'Adventurers in the Lead Trade' by Dr. Jim Rieuwerts

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